How I use astrology as a self discovery tool

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When I was young, astrology freaked me out, to be completely honest. Self discovery was something that was done at the therapists’ office. I saw pictures of natal charts and I figured they were just a whole other language I would never, ever understand. I mean…seriously. Look.

natal chart self discovery
I know…this looks like GREEK!!! This is actually Prince’s chart (the musician). I’m sort of obsessed with it at the present moment.

But really, I always felt like I wanted to learn about it. It just seemed so intimidating.

Finally, a few years ago, I started really devoting some time to learning. Being raised by a Catholic mom and a astrophysicist dad (very much dedicated to quantum theory), some sort of belief system that included the workings of all of the energies in all of the universe just makes sense to me. It’s got enough for my left brain to chew on while the spiritual part of me can be free to do its thing.

I’ve started to realize that astrology is like the perfect union between meeting the needs of the analytical brain (mental realm) and the creative spirit (spiritual realm). I LOVE intuitive work, but something about deciphering astrological codes is absolutely delicious.


I’ve had a number of people come to me and say, “Hey! If you like astrology, you may want to check out Human Design!”

Maybe one day I will be up for that. For now, normal Western astrology seems to be floating my boat. There are a number of teachers that I have been following that have blown my socks off, so I feel that for now, it’s my wading pool.

Not only that, but there are a number of other reasons how I use astrology as a self-discovery tool. I’m about to get into that below.

pointing at sky self discovery

Astrology is an incredibly powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation.

I had a reaaaally good astrologer take a look at my chart. He told me things that blew me away, and he explained them in a way that shined the light on the possibilities that were available to me. This was so powerful since a lot of chart reading software out there makes things feel so final. Basically, his way of sharing my chart with me was like this:

“Hey…you’ve got these influences. They may be rough, and you’ve probably experienced XYZ. But here’s the deal…if you want to get past this, you will want to work with THIS influence in order to learn the lessons you need to learn.”

Ah-maz-ing. Of course! This is exactly what I want to do…to address those parts of my life that feel out of balance so that I can be happy. Perfect!

I have received so much clarity from chart readings. When I combine chart readings with using the body’s wisdom for a method of self discovery. Check out this post for more on the mind/body connection for self discovery: How to Find Yourself Using Your Body’s Wisdom.

A roadmap for possibility

Astrology provides a roadmap for possibility. Whatever can be seen in a natal chart or a transit map provides an opportunity. There is so much depth in what the stars have to teach us!

The chart tells a story. When looking at a chart, I get the feeling that although the information is hella accurate, it also isn’t set it stone. It’s like opening up a Choose Your Own Adventure story. Clarity is offered as to what your challenges will be, and there is a path that you can follow should you decide that you decide that you want to accept the challenge.

drawing astrology chart

Astrology is strategic. If I am aware of the influences that are going to be at play, I can play my own personal development course.

The glyphs and wheels provide something for my logical brain to chew on in a world that is full of magic.

It offers ideas as to why life is so damn hard for some people, and why I acted a certain way as a kid (what a relief). It also explains why I have the interests that I do.

Astrology provides insight into the best ways to be considerate of others, along with the best ways to work with them in a respectful way.

It can help you with your relationships


In my experience, a natal chart also explains why certain people are in your life and what you need to learn from them. So far I have taken my chart, looked at Kim’s, and I have found a ton of synchronicities show that we just work. I mean…we’re total opposites, yet we have patterns that show how we work.

At the same time, we both understand that nothing is permanent. Anything could happen. This is another thing that is important to know with astrology. Although it can be used as a tool for prediction, it is best used to make sense of the energetics of what is occurring in relationships with all things.

As for Kim and I, when we set our natal charts side-by-side, it is clear how we work. We learn SO MUCH about ourselves simply because where I fall short, she is strong (and vise versa). The whole “opposites attract” thing is cute, but it will really only work if both partners are willing to see the relationship as a springboard for deeper self-development. Our charts point out exactly what we can work with to create a stronger bond and become more fulfilled as individuals.

Are you curious about any one particular aspect of your life and what your birth chart might have to tell you about it?

Maybe you’re curious about how you and your loved ones can bring out the best in one another. Maybe you’re wondering what your chart might have to say about your reason for being on this planet.

I offer comprehensive chart readings (with 3 specific questions) for $60 and readings that address specific questions for $29. I’ll ask you for your birth date, time, and place. I will write up your reading and send it to you via email. You can purchase astrology readings HERE.

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