Meet Toni

Get to know yourself through astrology, creativity, and movement.

Take a course or two…Or maybe binge them all!

Treat your self to astrology-based Cosmic Life Consulting.

Learn to work with what’s going on in the sky in order to create a life that is mind-bogglingly amazing.

As a curious self-discovery junkie…

I understand how it feels to have your world completely uprooted and turned upside down, desperate to know why in the world such things happen in life.

As a teacher and guide…

I believe that you are here to get back in touch with your unique magic so that you can make miracles happen in the world. Through my astrology-based services, you will:

**Get to know and understand your gifts

**Move forward in life with clarity and certainty

**Use your gifts in the face of life’s challenges 

**Navigate the relationships in your life.

Meet Toni - Astrology and Creativity Courses

What makes Toni’s courses different?

Toni’s online courses allow her students to uncover deep truths about themselves as they learn to read and interpret astrology natal charts, along with creativity and movement embodiment experiences. The courses are a fully immersive experience! Each 4-week course includes:

**1 Weekly Live or Pre-Recorded Workshops

**1 Weekly Pre-Recorded Creativity Practice

**1 Weekly Pre-Recorded Movement Practice

**Private Online Facebook Community

**Monthly Guest Workshops

**Q&A to help you understand astrology chart reading

Meet Toni - Astrology Readings

What About Astrology Readings?

Sometimes you just need a little insight as to what astrological influences are at play in your life. When this is a case, there are a few options available for you. Below are the various astrology readings that are available:

**Instant Astrology Reports (most affordable option) – Want to know more about your astrological make-up? Curious to know more about YOU? Did you just have a birthday and want to know what’s up for this year? Do you want to know if you and your significant other belong together? Once you order a quick report you can expect for me to get it back to you right away (usually within 24 hours). AND it’s only $25!

**Natal Astrology Readings – A natal chart is like a road map to the potential for your life. Once you gain an understanding of what all of those symbols and squiggly lines in your birth chart are trying to tell you, it’s like opening up a box of tools that you never knew you had on hand. If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life, are going through a rough patch and need some guidance, and/or are curious as to why you keep on doing the same dang thing over and over and over? If so, this offering may be ideal for you. $190 for an initial reading; $140 for repeat clients.

**Family Dynamics/Children – Are you looking for peace in your family life? Do you want to understand why your family members react to you (or to each other) in the way they do? Is your child struggling in school? This reading can provide a great deal of insight about the inner workings of your loved ones so that you can have harmonious relationships. If you’re interested in this reading, please book an initial 90 minute reading and follow the instructions on the sales page. $190 for an initial reading; $140 for repeat clients.

Meet Toni - Astrology-Based Life Consulting

What is Astrology-Based Life Consulting?

Not every person is created the same. Believe it or not, this is actually something that can be seen in your astrological birth chart. The way that you approach life is going to be completely different than your neighbor, or your kids, or even your beloved ones. Astrology-Based Life Consulting is ideal for you if you find that you are going through a DOOZIE of a year/decade/life. I will build a tailor-made program for you based on your specific needs, as are determined by our first meeting and your unique astrological birth chart profile. This 1-on-1 offering will provide you with the support you need to develop a close relationship with your inner magic and embrace the mystery that is your life. If interested, please contact Toni directly at

Meet Toni…more!

Hi. I’m Toni.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a serious self-discovery junkie who also loves to pretty much do ALL the things.
My goal here on this site is to help you learn more about YOU through astrology, art, and creative movement.

I am an Astrologer, Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, Creatively Fit Coach, Yoga Teacher, Black Belt Nia Instructor, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Angel Alchemist Healer, and world traveler with wanderlust that won’t quit. I have a looooong background (with a master’s dree and all) in elementary and technology education, and I love sharing what I do with the world.

Aside from the credentials and other good stuff, I am also a recovered stressed-out hot mess that has found peace and normalcy in self-discovery, movement, mindfulness, a number of mind-body tools, and spirituality.

The rest of the story is scattered throughout the site, but in case you’re itching to know more about me, here are a few of my posts:
How I Use Astrology as a Self-Help Tool
Emotional Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection
Make Better Decisions Through Your Mind-Body Connection
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A Road Map for Self-Care: The Whole Health Cairn
How Writing Helped Me Heal


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