The New Moon and the Inner Child

new moon inner child

To be perfectly honest, I can’t say that I get too crazy over the phases of the moon. I know, I know. That may sound weird for someone that is a total astrology nerd. I have a little bit of a hipster part that maybe feels that the phases of the moon are way too mainstream or something. At the same time, I am super interested in how the new moon and the inner child play together.

However, this New Moon is a pretty soupy one, and I decided to share a good deal about it. I shared quite a bit about it in this Facebook Live (and it’s now on YouTube!):

Regardless, after reading a good handful of charts, I can see how critically important the phases of the moon are for some folks. Some examples of people that will be more impacted by the moon’s phases include:

  • *Those who have personal planets (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in Cancer.
  • *Those who were born on a New/Full moon.
  • *Those who have the Moon conjunct (really really close to) another planet
  • *Those who have a Cancer rising
  • *Those who have their Moon in a water sign

This is, by no means, an extensive list. BUT…I wanted to provide a little insight as to why some folks feel it so much more intensely than others do.

Just a few fun astro facts about the moon:

  • *It is connected with the emotions
  • *The way that you nurture yourself when you’re feeling insecure can be seen in your moon’s placement
  • *Its placement can tell you a bit about your early life and your connection with your mother
  • *It can tell you a bit about your role as a parent
  • *Cancer is ruled by the Moon
  • *It has been said that the Moon rules the 3rd house. Since the Moon has also been associated with the feminine and Goddess, the 3rd house is therefore thought of as the house of the Goddess

Of course there are a zillion other facts that I could tell you about the Moon, but I won’t go crazy here. I’ll save it for Cancer season!

BUT…that said, the Moon’s phases have the potential to bring up all sorts of emotions that are connected with your early life. Childhood. This New Moon you may even find yourself temper-tantruming like a 2 year old. The thing is, if you’ve got unresolved early childhood wounds that you’re not aware of, they may be triggered with some of the other transits that are passing through (there is a Plutonian/Neptune thing going on there too, but I won’t get into that here!). When the New Moon has got a Neptune transit that is also involved, it can kick up anxiety. If you happen to be particularly sensitive the the ragey/tantrumy bits that are connected with moon cycles, then check out this blog post here: Overcome Anxiety with This Quick Trick.

Anywho. This brings me to the next brainstorm that I had that I wanted to share with you. A few years back I put together this big tele-series focusing on working with your Inner Child. You may have even found your way to my list that way!

As I continue to work with the astrology through a psychospiritual lens, I have noticed how much challenging astrological transits (a.k.a. transits that correspond with suffering, painful experiences, and tragedy) are connected to our paths to healing inner child wounds. Hence, I decided to focus a bit on the new moon and inner child connection.

More and more I have come to believe that these wounds are like our training groundThey are here to teach us exactly what we need to master at the spiritual, “higher self” level (or however you want to phrase it). They aren’t here to punish us, even though it can feel as though they are. Rather, they are here to act as a guide to consciously overcome life’s major challenges.

Hey, man. I believe we are here on this planet to play. Even when life decides to beat you with a crap stick.

That said, I am in the process of moving the entire Inner Child tele-series over to the Teachable portal. This means that if you previously purchased the Inner Child series, you will once again have access to the whole thing. That way, whenever the New Moon and your inner child start to kick up, you’ll know exactly what to do! I will be sending out the info shortly.

AND…if you have NOT seen the Inner Child series and you would like to, I will be offering it shortly. It includes more than 30 retreat-style workshops that are specifically designed to help you to address early childhood wounding through meditations, art, and play.


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