Starting an online business? Don’t make this mistake!

starting an online business
starting an online business

Sometimes I feel like I’m a walking example of what NOT to do when it comes to starting an online business. I don’t mean this in a self-depreciating way. I just tend to be the type of person that learns the hard way, I guess!

I talk a lot about Elite Blog Academy. I am a little more than halfway through, even though I *should* have finished back in 2017 when I first enrolled in the course.

See, I have shiny object syndrome pretty bad, and for some reason I figured that if I was going to have a popular blog, I needed to somehow become a master at marketing. I got stuck with content creation and figured that I needed to attract readers by myself.


I ended up spending tens of thousands of dollars on coaching for marketing. Sure, I built a list and learned how to attract an audience (and get my message out to the world), but all of that marketing knowledge was going nowhere since my passion really was with writing content and reaching people through my blog.

I was so discouraged with my “business” that I started to feel depressed. That’s when I decided to try giving EBA another try.

What I didn’t know, prior to joining EBA (and even after I started EBA) was that blogging IS a marketing strategy. It was through writing my content that I gained richer clarity…not only about my business, but about my LIFE. As I’ve progressed through the units, I’ve realized that EBA had me covered the WHOLE TIME. I really never needed all of that marketing coaching that I paid for since EBA has it ALL. Starting an online business never had to be that complicated!

I have only been taking EBA seriously for 6 months and I am amazed with the content that I am producing, the way my website looks, how my traffic is growing, and I am now working on making it all profitable.

This works.

And it’s a lot less expensive and way more comprehensive than anything else I have found.

And trust me. I’ve been through the business coaching ringer!

I honestly wish that I would have listened. Or had some sort of instruction booklet that spelled out things things NOT to do.

Thankfully for you, Ruth Soukup of Elite Blog Academy created this amazing free resource called the Small Business Roadmap. This was exactly what I needed just jump-start my blogger muscles so that I could get things going.

You can get the Small Business Roadmap HERE.

Whether you’re just getting started with your blogging, or working at turning your blog into a business, I’m sure you’ll find amazing value in this freebie. Avoid making the same mistakes I did for SURE!

If you want to know more about different marketing strategies that might work for you, be sure to check out this post: Best Marketing Strategies for the Business-Curious.

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starting an online business


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